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Sarah Roush's work is born of personal experience, a reflection of all that she does and is. Rigorous and energetic, it draws you in to a complex world. Each piece is a story in itself and yet part of a larger story. She has accumulated an impressive and diverse body of work, and continues to add to it a a prodigious pace.

Since she moved to Paducah in 1987, Sarah has had an impact on the cityscape. Literally. She has purchased and renovated several buildings in downtown Paducah. Her distinctive style is evident in the tiles on the outside of the buildings, and her sense of detail is obvious in the architectural details inside, such as base boards and mouldings.

She has had an impact on the art community, with her commitment to her own art and her support of other artists. When she had a gallery of her own, she hosted many other artists, giving them an audience— and a market— for their work. At the same time she continued to be prolific in her own art work. She is fearless in her willingness to tackle a range of media and does not blink when it gets to tough topics.

Her legacy is varied and lasting— two and three-dimensional art, including water colors, oils, prints, ceramic and archtecutral renovation and three talented and beautiful children, Emily, Laurel, and Ted.
We hope that you enjoy Sarah's work and that it sparks thoughts about where you came from and where you might be headed.
  From the Yeiser Art Center Retrospective Catalogue by Connie Alexander

Click Here To See Sarah's Buildings
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